Robin Winfield
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 22:45
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A Fine Arts graduate of Smith College in Northampton, Ma., Winfield has exhibited in galleries across the country beginning in 1990. Winfield's work is a combination of photograph and painting -- "mixed media." Winfield loves to travel and has photographed architecture and other imagery from many cities in the US and also the many countries she has visited including Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Japan, and India. She is particularly drawn to interesting angles, repeating patterns, shadows, light and textures. Winfield takes her archival prints, mounts them onto blank boards and then paints out to the edges creating her own version of "reality/surreality".

Her father Rodney Winfield best known for the stained glass Space Window at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has been an inspiration and mentor, teaching and guiding her in the art world. Currently Winfield has a gallery/studio in Carmel, CA and also shows in Provincetown, MA. at the Rice/Polak Gallery.

For more information: www.robinwinfield.comĖ‡ 

Gallery Strada is proud to present Robin Winfield for our Spring Open House. 

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