Jason Casey
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Wednesday, 15 August 2012 22:45
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Jason Casey's passion for art was brought to life at age six when he began demonstrating his natural talent through pencil drawings.  As he grew older, he began to take an interest in woodworking and has created some incredible pieces using exotic woods.  Throughout his artistic journey, Casey has found his truest desire for art in experimenting with light and color through abstract paintings on metal substrate.  Casey's compositions create the illusion of incredible depth and magical dimension through a process of etching and grinding waves and patterns on metal, then adding paint and chemicals to unveil spectacular images of light and color that appear to dance off of each composition.  All pieces are original, no prints or copies. 

Casey is native to the Central California San Joaquin Valley and has had his art displayed in many venues throughout the Fresno area to include The Diamond Gallery, Five Fine Dining Restaurant, Slates Fine Dining Restaurant and Fresno's Art Hop.  With a desire to spread his wings, Casey has begun seeking art galleries in other cities to expose his unique style of art. 

"Everyone has art within them.  A good artist can portray his inner thoughts, feelings and emotions onto a medium that fits him or her best and cause a viewer to feel those same thoughts, feelings and emotions.  I'm extremely passionate about my art and I want people to feel strong emotions through the pieces that I create.  I love working with metal because it allows me to create a vibrant image that seemingly comes alive with movement as your eyes move from side to side." Jason Casey.

Gallery Strada is proud to present Jason Casey for our Fall Open House. 

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