Donna Raven
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donna-ravenDonna Raven was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Fresno, California.  The charm and beauty of the rural San Joaquin Valley is reflected in her body of work.  Donna offers a fresh and contemporary approach while capturing the spirit of each of her subjects. 

She has worked with watercolor, oil and acrylic, choosing oil as her preferred medium as it enables her to create more colorful and bright images.  Her bold brush strokes reveal her unique style often used with vivid, strong colors.  She is influenced by the works of Andre Kohn, Mark Stock, and Paul Wright, capturing the simplicity of the relationships between people.  Finding humor and love of life,

Donna has been inspired to paint for 20 years, capturing the unique expressions of her subjects on canvas.  Having attended numerous workshops and private training, she continues to raise the bar in her drive to express emotions in her art.  Along with commissions and gallery representation, her work is displayed in many corporate and private collections. 

Gallery Strada is proud to present Donna Raven, A Current Perspective, for our fall show.