David Arrigoni
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 David Michael Arrigoni (San Francisco, CA) is a first generation American, whose family emigrated from Lucca, Italy, near Florence, where magnificent art has flourished through centuries. David’s father, grandmother, and great grandfather were artists of distinction in Lucca and Florence. Under the tutelage of his artist father, Eduardo Angelo Arrigoni, David developed a unique style of painting, and creates both traditional and contemporary work. David’s newly opened art studio and gallery is located in Piazza de Fiore in Fresno, California.

David considers the practice of art a process requiring an inventive mind, along with technical skills, to execute and communicate the artist’s ideas to the world. David has continued painting since childhood and his paintings remain in the collections of many art lovers.

David refers to each painting as, “A studied project to stimulate the imagination— realism with a slight twist. The subject in each painting is obvious, but I use ‘artistic freedom’ to deviate from the visual facts.” David uses 21st Century tools and equipment to create archival digital reproductions of his work on canvas. 

Gallery Strada is proud to present David Arrigoni for our Spring show.